Ok, so, welcome to the page, your probably wondering firstly if this is low/high fantasy/magic etc etc etc.

I have, all my life played low magic, low fantasy games. So I thought I’d give a shot at developing and DM’ing a high fantasy, high magic game, and see where it takes me.

With that said, this idea was initially inspired by a penny arcade comic, you can find here: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/6/10/ – Lookouts.

The basic idea behind that world is that the forest dominates. Everywhere is overgrown and humans must from a young age become adapted to life in small outposts, and in the forest. Learning to hunt fearsome beasts, and find the smallest tracks.

Well I wanted to take this idea further, I wanted a world where if you were heading across a land scarred by rocks, those rocks themselves could even be your enemy, or your friend. And with that Esteria was born. Everything from water, to grass, extremely dangerous and charged with magical energy and filled with opportunity.

So where to begin, I’m going to follow the way Rich Burlew (author of order of the stick, and professional campaign write) developed his scenario, which you can do from this link if you like: http://www.giantitp.com/articles/YPgbz2j3PckGjjviJU5.html

Ok, so he begins with discussion of overarching themes and such, his point about not diminishing the players is a nice one. And I think my basic idea can be expanded on.

We have a world, dominated by elementals and primordials. Considering this you should be born under one of their influence. Animals born in the forest are loved and cherished by the trees and grass. Whereas the golems of the mountains, are protected by the very earth itself. I like this idea.

Esteria, where Nature is your biggest concern